My Approach 

The modern psychoanalytic approach holds that the relationship between client and therapist is collaborative.  It also hinges on the belief that talking about one's thoughts and feelings can bring relief from distress.  More specifically, through talking one is able to make unconscious thoughts and feelings conscious, which results in relief.  

Trained therapists help you to explore things that may feel too painful to be thought about on your own.

The modern psychoanalytic approach holds that the client and therapist create the therapeutic relationship together through routinely talking.   Within such conversation, relief from emotional suffering can be cultivated and sustained. The therapist works alongside the client in recognizing, investigating and interpreting obstacles that are causing dissatisfaction in a person's life.  Once in therapy, a person does not have to explore their pain alone.  

Talking brings long term relief from distress.

Through talking, you are able to make unconscious thoughts and feelings become conscious.  This shift in awareness allows for relief from emotional distress.  Talking in an inviting and nonjudgmental space provides you the freedom to explore and develop your personal truth. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental distress can be the result of denial or an inaccessibility of your truth.  Talking is the best bet at combatting blockages to truth.

Emotions are not considered good or bad.

Emotions hold messages regarding the root of your struggles.  When you are given permission to explore your emotions with a curiosity that does not demand immediate action, you are able to strategically navigate your world and relationships in a way that allows for joy and relief.