I am devoted to working with individuals who are curious about when and how their suffering and emotional distress began.  In my work, I notice that such suffering is often the result of long established patterns of thinking and acting. Such patterns were at one time essential for the individual to cope with distress but with repetition and the accumulation of life experiences, they can become destructive. The power of a therapist trained to make space for such sufferings can provide alleviation from long standing pain.

I have 11 years' experience working in various roles in both mental health and educational fields. I hold a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health and operate as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate (LCMHC-A). I also hold a Master of Fine Arts in poetry from my studies at Colorado State University.  I have taught creative writing and other courses in higher education in both North Carolina and Colorado for 5 years.  Throughout my work experience, I have worked alongside others to uncover how creative expression can provide the freedom to explore one's self.  Currently, I am taking classes at Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis to further advance my understanding of the modern psychoanalytic approach to counseling.